Ritual for pregnant woman

$100.00 USD

  • Lymphatic drainage massage on legs (30min)
  • Facial lymphatic drainage massage (30min)
  • Relaxing back massage (30min)
  • Hydrating face mask (30min)

Total duration of the package : 2 hours

the price does not include 13% taxes



How can lymphatic drainage massage benefit during pregnancy ?

Massages have a relaxing effect on the body and consequently the mind of the person.

The pregnant woman deserves a moment of tension release that allows her to better cope with the discomfort and stress caused by the pregnancy process. In addition, some types of massages carried out by duly qualified professionals can relieve back pain or sciatica, swelling of the legs or feet due to fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage massage during pregnancy is indicated for women with excess fluid retention. They are especially recommended in the last weeks of pregnancy, when the symptoms of swelling of the feet or ankles are more pronounced and make the mother-to-be very uncomfortable.

Lymphatic drainage in pregnancy also promotes fluid balance, which will have effects beyond reducing swelling. It is a whole detoxification process that eliminates toxins, also helping the skin.


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