Tropical rain

$85.00 USD

  • Hydrotherapy in the garden (30 min)
  • Rain dew tea tree aromatherapy
  • Ayurveda massage with application of our hot oil sprinkled with leaves

Total time : 2 hours

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Hydrotherapy is the use of water as a therapeutic agent. The hydrotherapeutic bath is not the same as a jacuzzi at home, it is designed for physical therapy due to the location of the jets in specific areas of the spine, the force with which the water comes out of the jets and the massage maneuver, each position has a different massage maneuver (motor massage in water). The experience of hydrotherapy is that the body and mind relax and prepare differently for massage or facial therapies. The relaxation action is increased by first using the hydrotherapy bath. In the water the body floats and therefore the joints rest, the motor massage of the jets stimulates the muscles to relax. The heat of the water causes the blood pressure to rise.

Ayurveda massage is a traditional massage from India. Essential oils are used in it following the guidelines of Ayurveda medicine. Originally, this type of massage had as its ultimate goal the balance between the energies that flow between the body and the mind, commonly known as dosha.

We are not all equal. We have different types of energies running through our body, so Ayurveda therapy focuses on finding the perfect type of massage depending on the characteristics of our body structure. Such as skin type, sensitivity…

The benefits of opting for an Ayurveda therapy are innumerable, both for the mind and the body. But do you want to discover the most important ones to improve your day to day? 

Reduces anxiety

Improves the immune system

Eliminates toxins increases flexibility

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