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Terms and Conditions of the contracted services quotations


The client must schedule the service at the Maison Spa reservation numbers: 8425-2000 or 2226-3434.

In the case of not being able to attend the reserved time, the user must cancel the reservation in writing to the reservation phone number 8425-2000 and with a maximum of 48 hours before the scheduled time.

In the case of not canceling the appointment 48 hours before the scheduled time, the appointment will be considered to have been made.

The user must comply with the spa’s internal regulations.

The masseuses reserve the right to attend a client.

La Maison Spa reserves the right to attend a client who behaves inappropriately.

The attendance of adults or children who are not attending a service is forbidden.

Smoking, cell phone use and loud conversations are prohibited.

The entry of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.


The user must arrive at the spa facilities fifteen (15) minutes before the reserved time to enter.
By registering at, the user accepts the sending of information about promotions, plans, offers, or any other type of content related to the Spa.
For the Spa services, the client must bring: bathing suit, towel and pool sandals.
Under no circumstances will the Maison Spa give refunds.

La Maison spa reserves the right of admission.

Terms and Conditions for Group Spa Services

The person who signs the contract for the group service will be taken for the purposes of the activity, as the representative of the group, so any agreement or disagreement that the group has to resolve will be agreed only with that person.

All Spa services must have previously canceled 50% of the total value of the services and the client agrees to pay the outstanding balance before receiving their services.

The client agrees to sign and send the group services contract to the Maison Spa before the service is rendered.

The Maison Spa agrees to attend the scheduled appointment at the agreed time and keep the staff available for the service.

The scheduled appointment may be changed or rescheduled with one week (7 days) in advance, otherwise the client loses without exception the amount given in deposit in this contract.

La Maison Spa, under no circumstances makes refunds of this contract because in advance the staff and resources necessary to provide the service will be hired.

The amount of this contract must be paid in full, regardless of whether the group for some reason is incomplete.

The members of the group must remain in the areas assigned by the service staff, and comply with the spa rules of order, silence and cordiality at all times. The spa will continue with its regular service to other clients.

The total time of use of the facilities contemplating the use of the social area is determined in a specific time, according to the schedule of activities. If the time agreed upon in this contract is fulfilled, an additional minimum of $60 dollars will be charged. And $60 dollars more for each additional hour.

In the SPA activities there is a schedule of attention, so the GROUP, is committed to arrive punctually on the day and time of your appointment and be present 15 minutes before it.

The group must be present all at the same time because it is a GROUP service.

La Maison Spa will not be able to provide the services to the person who DOES NOT SHOW UP WITH THE ENTIRE GROUP at the agreed time, the appointment will be considered as done.

This clause is of utmost importance to provide a quality, responsible and punctual service not only to the group but also to the rest of the clients of the Maison Spa.

It is forbidden the attendance of adults or children who are not in the agreed group.

The group must bring to your spa service: bathing suit, towel and pool sandals.

The Maison Spa in its social area has a table and the client may bring snacks, cakes or drinks already prepared and must bring all the necessary implements to consume them. Previous approval by the spa.

For your service La Maison Spa will provide one robe per person. In case of loss there will be an additional charge of $50 dollars per item.

Lockers will be assigned with only one key, for the client’s security, so the responsibility for the care of the key falls on the client, and must be returned to the front desk, once the service is completed, in case of loss there will be an additional charge of $ 50 dollars, for replacement of the key.

Any special health indications (such as allergies, illnesses, etc.) that any member of the group may have or any special request must be specified in this service contract.

The admission of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

La Maison spa reserves the right of admission.

In case of non-compliance with the clauses of this contract and in case of disorder or disturbances, you will be able to go to the respective authorities.


Information on the purchasing process?

You can check the status of your order at any time by writing to our email, and indicating your purchase order number, which is automatically sent to your email every time you order an item and / or service.

Purchase status?

You will have at your disposal the following options to consult the status of your purchase:

You can check through the purchase confirmation email, or by logging into your account, in the “My Purchases” section, where all your purchases are registered and check there the location of your purchase.

How can I pay?

We offer the following payment methods:

Credit cards with the possibility of financing.
Cash payment with your debit cards.

What levels of security are there when buying through

All transactions are protected by our security certificates (SSL), with the highest standards in terms of fraud prevention and protection.

The financial information you provide on the site, is directly between you and the bank, so La Maison Spa does not participate in the process or store data or information about it.

All products purchased directly on the Web Site have the manufacturer’s warranty, which ensures the quality and support in each purchase.

How to register at

You only need to enter the following information: Full Name, Identification Number, E-mail, Home Address, Work Address, Contact Telephone Number and Password. With this you will be able to enter the page and make your purchases, and you will also be able to receive emails with promotions of our website with items of interest at special prices.

In case the users no longer want to receive commercial information of the promotions and/or services provided, the user will be able to request it by means of, or to press by means of a click in the option unsubscribe that brings the communication received via electronic mail.

GUARANTEE OF ARTICLES OR SERVICES (WEBSITE AND/OR SUPPLIERS) guarantees the efficient and timely delivery (according to the Delivery Policies and Conditions) of the exact product or service requested by the User.


If there is a problem in the availability or delivery factors of a product purchased by the User, he/she will be notified via e-mail with the new delivery conditions of the product, the User may select one of the options provided below:

Exchange of the product for another similar or superior product by canceling the difference.
Exchange for another totally different product with the same price.
If there is a mistake in the item sent by, keeping the original wrapping and/or packaging, as long as the product has not been used in any way and is in perfect condition.

In the reception of erroneous merchandise, the physical exchange of the same will be applied, only if it was reported during the first 48 calendar hours after delivery, and the customer must make the report by filling out the form located on our platform: The customer must make sure to receive their products in perfect condition, if not, the customer is required to tell us immediately by a phone call to our number 8425-2000 this in case of products delivered by a supplier (Correos de Costa Rica or others) and if the product is delivered by our authorized personnel, the customer should not receive the product if it has flaws or physical damage in its packaging, accessories or the product itself.

The use of images is for illustrative purposes, so the color and appearance characteristics may vary.

We do not accept returns due to changes of opinion about the products already delivered.

Due to hygiene and quality issues, we do NOT accept returns on products.


The form of delivery will be as follows:

The User may choose the home or work address registered at the time of User creation. It is the responsibility of the User to keep updated as established in the terms of use policy of After this, within a maximum of 24 business hours (Monday through Friday) a La Maison Spa advisor will confirm the details of the delivery with the User by telephone. For further information please send an email to

In case of not being able to contact the user through the data provided by the same, the article will remain in the warehouses of La Maison Spa, for a period of time not exceeding 22 days. A notice will be left by means of a phone call or email indicating the maximum storage time and the delivery process to the customer with the possibility of going to La Maison Spa’s warehouse to pick it up or to set a new delivery date. In case of failure to deliver the product, La Maison Spa may make it available again for sale in the virtual mall in the case of being an article and in the case of being a certificate for services, the certificate will be deleted.

The delivery time will be a maximum of 72 hours for products advertised on the site from Monday to Friday except holidays in Costa Rica from the time of purchase of the item and between 30 and 45 working days for products from non-local suppliers. The estimated delivery times will be valid as long as all the address and telephone numbers provided by the User are correct, otherwise, the order could be delayed due to not contacting the customer or due to changes in the delivery address of the product.

The delivery will be made to the delivery address indicated in the shipping information of the order. The subsequent modification of this address may generate a series of expenses that will be charged to the User.

The terms of availability, for the purpose of calculating the time for delivery of orders, will be those published on the website at the time the order is placed by the User.

However, this period of availability may be modified in the event of simultaneous orders for the same product or products that lead to the end of stock of the product. The new delivery time will be indicated to the User as soon as possible by e-mail. If the end of stock is definitive, the User will be notified so that he/she can choose between choosing a different product with similar characteristics and a similar price to the out of stock product, or cancel his/her order, and the money paid in advance will be refunded.

The additional costs to the price of the item purchased on, for shipping, will be as follows:

Within the Greater Metropolitan Area: the price is ₵5,000.00.
Outside the Greater Metropolitan Area: ₵8,000.00.
For items over 3Kg: ₵1,000.00 additional per kilo.


To read the present Delivery Policies and Conditions prior to the acceptance of the order.
To respect the Policies and Conditions of Delivery once the order is accepted.
To pay the agreed prices at the time of placing the order.
To cover the delivery costs in the event that due to negligence or lack of information the order cannot be delivered to the agreed address.

The description of the products or services promoted on the Web Site are published according to the data, images or descriptive videos provided by the Suppliers. The use of images is for illustrative purposes, so the characteristics of color and appearance may vary.

The availability of the OFFERS is (i) for a limited time and (ii) subject to the inventory and stock of the promoted product or service, so may terminate a promotion when any of the above situations occurs.

The description, restrictions, conditions and observations established for each OFFER shall form part of the Terms and Conditions of Use that the User accepts upon registration .


Purchases made by Users who comply with all the established processes will be considered valid and irrevocable once the Users have completed their transaction.

Under no circumstances will reverse, reimburse or refund any payment for purchases made following all the established processes, since the User has accepted the terms and conditions of purchase established by