Half Day Spa

$160.00 USD

  • Hydro-therapeutic jacuzzi in the garden (50 min)
  • Hot stone massage, hot pindas, and seashells (60 min)
  • Thai head massage and face massage with germanium stones (30 min)
  • Hand hydration with chocolate (15 min)
  • Deep chocolate face mask (60 min)

Package duration: 3 hours and 20 minutes

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Before any massage or body exfoliation, we invite you to go to the jacuzzi to relax your muscles and allow your joints to rest. Water-based therapies are the real meaning of the word spa.

We offer you unique and relaxing treatments in the water!

Hydrotherapy is the use of water as a therapeutic agent. The hydrotherapy bath is not the same as a home jacuzzi, it is designed for physiotherapy. The position of the jets in specific areas of the spine, the force with which the water comes out of the jet and the performance of the massages are chosen with care. Each position represents a different massage technique. The hydrotherapy experience allows the body and mind to relax and prepares you for massages and facial therapies. The hydrotherapy bath helps you to relax even more: in the water, the body floats and therefore the joints are rested, moreover the heat of the water helps to increase the blood pressure.

The hot stone massage combines traditional therapeutic massage and the application to the skin of stones at different temperatures, in order to facilitate the circulation of vital energy and thereby relieve physical and emotional disorders. This therapy helps you improve your well-being, but not only that: in fact, its benefits go far beyond the feeling of well-being it generates.

Sea conchs contain calcium ions providing a feeling of healing and well-being. This technique not only helps you relax, but also harmonizes the 5 senses. Not to mention its detoxifying effect used for lymphatic drainage.

Pindas are heated with steam, releasing their healing properties which are absorbed by the skin.

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