Relaxing Aromatic Massage

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50 minutes relaxing massage with aromatherapy.

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Spectacular massage that combines the wonderful benefits of essential oils, with our classic aromatherapy of the Germain de Capuccini Tea Tree. A massage, whose intensity and depth you can choose, will stimulate all your senses.

This classic full body massage combines the best manual massage maneuvers with delicious essential oils that through its aroma will lead your mind and body to relaxation. Massage that will stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and the circulatory system that will allow you to oxygenate your muscles better in a sensation of complete well-being.

It is a massage that uses the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

The skin, because of its complex network of capillaries, has the power to absorb essential oils, which will first diffuse into the peripheral microcirculation and then reach the general blood circulation. On the other hand, thanks to the numerous sensory receptors and their multiple innervations, the skin is extremely receptive to massages and maintains a privileged relationship with the nervous system.

Aromatic massage also has a psycho-sensory influence since odors act on our emotional state. Our olfactory sense is very subtle. Smell is one of the most remarkable functions of the human body since the brain is able to identify thousands of smells.

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