Tired feet massage

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40 minutes of reflexology massage and 10 minutes of radiofrequency in feet.

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Massage focused on the feet, a mix of relaxation and therapy pressure through the technique of reflexology at specific points. The pressure will stimulate the organs of your entire body.

A well-deserved therapy for your feet that suffer daily fatigue!

Suffering pain and tiredness on the feet is really annoying, and often unbearable since we inevitably have to use our feet even if its only to stand up. The ideal thing to do is to give your feet varied stimulation: walk on different surfaces and textures and give them a proper care because they are a basic element of our locomotor system.

The benefits of foot massage have been experienced by a countless number of people throughout its millenary history. Many of these benefits are perceived instantly.

  • Relaxation. The feet massage creates a powerful relaxing effect on the body, which is perceived almost instantaneously.
  • Anxiety control. Together with the previous benefit, a good massage on the feet helps to control the anxiety and put it in a state that allows you to handle it.
  • Relief of pain from standing, excess exercise, etc. Feet perform physical activity and, obviously, it is the part that supports more weight. It is common for your feet to indicate to you, through pain, that you need to take care of them more. A good massage is a great way to give affection to those sore tissues.
  • Improve blood pressure. Relaxing massage controls the blood pressure and heart rate at the time it is performed.

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