La Maison Massage

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Relaxing 80 minute massage with sea shells, hot stones, hot pindas and bamboo.

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One of the favorites! It combines in an exclusive protocol all the techniques of massage in one: hot stones, hot pindas and marine conches. This massage will allow you to discover the benefits of each technique in a single massage. It has a duration of 80 minutes and you will not want it end.

The massage with sea shells is considered as a therapy within the complementary relaxing anti-stress massages. Its origin is from Asia. The shells contain calcium ions that provide a sense of healing and general well-being.

The pindas are cloth bags that contain aromatic herbs and medicinal plants inside. A massage with pindas will provide a moisturizing and detoxifying action for our skin. These massages provide an anti-stress and anti-insomnia effect and are highly recommended for people with rheumatic problems.

A bamboo massage is a vigorous massage with remarkable bio-stimulating and reactive characteristics, both for the body and the face, which can be performed both in localized areas and generalized. Thousands of years ago the Chinese observed that energy circulated through bamboo poles. They deciden then to apply it to the human body and discovered that, in addition to performing a gentle massage, it helps activate the body’s energy.

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