Hot stone massage

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50 minute relaxing massage with hot stones.

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Our classic massage with hot volcanic stones is ideal to relax the body, combining manual massage maneuvers with the application of volcanic stones and polished basalt. The hot stones are placed during massage at specific points of body tension and the pressure movements that are made with them allow the muscles to warm up and relax, your body and your mind will rest.

The massage with hot stones combines the traditional therapeutic massage with the application of stones at different temperatures, to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus alleviate physical and emotional disorders. This therapy produces remarkable improvements in the general well-being of our body, but in reality, its benefits go far beyond the sense of well-being it generates. Some of the many benefits of hot stone massage include:

  • Improves the functions of our body, reduces chronic pain especially bone and muscle.
  • Eliminates toxins from the body.
  • It helps to balance the nervous system and improves blood circulation.
  • It helps us to relax, because by means of the correct flow of energy, we harmonize body, mind and spirit, and this allows us to significantly reduce our stress levels.
  • It also has numerous visible aesthetic effects, as it revitalizes, oxygenates and illuminates the skin. This is a consequence of the improvement of the blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, which contribute to reaffirm the tissues and make the skin look a lot smoother and healthier.
  • Many claim that it eliminates bad energies thanks to the properties of volcanic stones.

This type of therapy is especially recommended in cases of nervous problems such as stress, anxiety or insomnia, for circulatory problems, and to relieve muscle and joint pain, as well as in beauty treatments.

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