Little Pinky Gel Color Nail Polish

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Application of Gel Color on nails.

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With the Color Gel you will obtain a spectacular shine and permanent nail polish for approximately 15 days.

Gel Color is the name given to the new generation of semi-permanent nail polishes by the OPI brand. They are ultra fast drying thanks to their exclusive formulation, that exposed to led light (specially designed by the brand) gives durability to the applied color. The time for a manicure is reduced to only 30 seconds for the color to remain intact and super bright for 2 weeks on the hands and up to 6 weeks on the feet. Some advantages of using this product include:

  • The texture of this nail polish (unlike the common gel) is much finer. In general, one of the least convincing things about gel nails is how thick they look.
  • Unlike the classics that are half nail polish, half gel, the OPI permanents are only nail polish. They are applied and removed like nail polish but they last like gel.
  • The paint can be removed with nail polish remover or acetone at home.
  • Its duration is longer than regular nail polish.

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