Deep Facial Cleansing

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Aromatherapy, cleansing, exfoliation, tonic, vapor steam, extraction, high frequency, mask, hydration, sealant cream and facial massage.

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Let yourself be pampered in our hands and fill your face with luminosity and vitality! Each of our facials has a specific goal for the skin and the results are wonderful.

From a deep facial cleansing, to a veil of collagen, any facial service is worthy of the gods. All our facials include previous assessment of the skin and the necessary recommendations so that you have the changes you have always dreamed of.

What is a deep facial cleansing?

Our skin is renewed every 28 days, which is why the ideal is to have a deep professional cleaning every month. It consists of carrying out a protocol with professional products and devices that help the skin to eliminate cells that die every 28 days and thus give uniformity to new skin.

Effects on the skin of not performing deep facial cleansing

Dead cells are not eliminated in a uniform way and therefore there is a combination of new and dead skin resulting in a dull face, with different pigmentation, less healthy and luminous. The products we use at home are applied to dead cells so the nutrients are not being absorbed by the skin.

Steps of facial cleansing at La Maison Spa

Our cleaning protocol is with the best equipment and very complete. The extraction of the comedones (black dots) is carried out with cutting-edge appliances that do not leave inflammation or marks.

Below we detail the steps of our protocol:

Start protocol: Aromatherapy and Facial Massage

  • Eye and lip makeup removal
  • Cleaning the face with steam and extraction if necessary
  • High frequency appliance application
  • Bactericidal Mask Application
  • Sealant cream