Back hair removal session

$60.00 USD

+TAX (13%)

Permanent hair removal session on the back.

The price does not include VAT.

The price is a suggested price, the final price will be given to you in a personalized evaluation.



You’ll always be ready for any event, no more irritation and no more worrying about hair. In addition, laser hair removal also helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin, get the smoothness and homogeneity you’ve always wanted. Thanks to the most advanced technology we can offer you the ultimate in permanent hair removal.


Virtually painless
Fast and effective
100% safe
Immediate results from the first sessions
Skin type and hair type recommended: All types of hair either thick and black or thin and light. Does not work on gray hair.

Recommended ages: 15 years and older.

Application Process: It is super well tolerated, it does not hurt, and a cold compress is placed to eliminate the capital heat on the skin.

Duration of the session: The duration of the session depends on the area to be waxed.

Frequency of attendance: Once a month as it is the natural cycle of hair growth.

Recommended sessions: A cycle of 6-8 sessions to obtain the best results.

Beginning of Results: From the first sessions you will begin to notice changes in the quality (less thick and less dark hairs), in the quantity you will notice less hair regrowth and in the speed of growth. Some hairs from the first sessions will fall out on their own.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, skin lesions, uncontrolled hormonal disorders.

Guarantee of Results: La Maison, once you purchase your complete treatment, offers you