Club Le Maison Spa Estetica & Wellness Center Gift Certificate Use, Reservations, Refunds, Cancellations and Rescheduling Policy

1- La Maison does not provide refunds or reimbursements for gift certificates and no exceptions apply.

2-There are several types of gift certificates: physical, digital and issued by the website.

For all cases, upon arrival at the venue and during the check-in process, you must sign the gift certificate usage controls and present your identification.

In the case of having a physical certificate, you must hand in the original at the time of check-in.

3- In the case of physical gift certificates, they must be handed in at check-in and in case of loss, they cannot be used.

4- Gift certificates can be used only once and have a specific numbering, issue date and expiration date.

5-To use a gift certificate you must schedule your appointment in advance and scheduling is subject to availability.

6- To schedule an appointment for the use of the certificate, as well as to make cancellations or rescheduling or changes of reservations to your already scheduled appointments must be ONLY in writing to Whatsapp (reservations 8425-2000).

All conversations are quality tracked and must be in writing, therefore NO changes or rescheduling are made via phone call or email.

7-Gift certificates are valid for 6 months, use after the expiration date will be charged 10,000 colones per person and will allow you to use it as
Maximum up to 1 year after the date of issuance of the certificate.

8-Once the appointment for the use of the gift certificate is scheduled, a specific date and time is reserved and from the moment the reservation is issued, these spaces will no longer be sold and used and therapists will be reserved to attend you.

7-You will be able to reschedule and make date and time changes FREE OF CHARGE only once and up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.

8-In case of making a second or more changes or rescheduling a scheduled appointment, each change and rebooking will have a cost of 10,000 colones per person.

9-In case of changes (day or time) and ONE DAY BEFORE your scheduled appointment or the same day of the appointment will be charged 10,000 colones per person and must be deposited to the accounts of the company before the scheduled appointment and thus be able to move it to a new date and time.
In case of not making the payment and the transfer before the appointment, it can not be moved later and in this case if you do not show up for your appointment you lose the gift certificate.

10- You must be at your appointment at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time, our services start on time and if you do not show up on the day or time of your appointment, your service will not be provided and you will lose your gift certificate.

11-Entrance to the facilities is only allowed with prior reservation and no companions are allowed, unless the person using the reservation requires special assistance or is a minor, and in these cases only one companion is allowed.

12-In the facilities and being a space of wellness and relaxation, it is forbidden to smoke, make noise and we ask you to use your cell phone in silent mode during your stay and enjoy its services.