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This study increase the sensitive detection of heart diseases, ideal study for athletes. Includes consultation with a cardiologist and a sports massage totally FREE at La Maison Spa.

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This test helps us detect if there is a risk of heart attacks, arrhythmias of effort, the behavior of blood pressure with exercise. We also measure the functional exercise capacity of each person. It provides the following informations: 

  • Behavior of the heart under stress.
  • Detection of coronary artery disease, which causes heart attacks.
  • Blood pressure response with the effort.
  • Development of potentially malignant arrhythmias.

This test is carried out with our allied company Cardio Sport: Cardiology applied to sports. Cardio Sport is mainly focused on the prevention of cardiac risks, in all types of people from 13 years of age and older. Its mission is to contribute to the education of athletes and other people, raising awareness of the importance of doing preventive cardiological medical check-ups.

It has highly qualified professionals to provide an individualized and reliable service, combined with the warm attention that our patients deserve. The cardiologist Esteban García (MED7069) is our main reference.

For more information about Cardio Sport you can visit its website: www.cardiosport.org

This test is performed on the second floor of the La Católica Hospital on the CardioSport office, not on La Maison locations.