Package for mom

$70.00 USD

+TAX (13%)

Hydrotherapeutic Jacuzzi in the garden (30min)
La Maison Massage : relaxing massage with hot stones, sea shells and pindas (60min)
Facial massage with spoons (15min)
Moisturizing chocolate facial (30min)
Hand moisturizing (15 min)
Total duration of the package: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Price does not include VAT



In water, a series of ideal physical processes take place before any massage or body exfoliation: blood pressure increases, muscles relax and joints rest. Water therapies honor the true meaning of the word spa.

We are unique in relaxing water treatments!

Hydrotherapy is the use of water as a therapeutic agent. The hydrotherapeutic bath is not the same as a home jacuzzi, it is designed to do physical therapy due to the location of the jets in specific areas of the spine, the force with which the water comes out of the jets and the massage maneuver, each position has a different massage maneuver (water massage motorcycle). The experience of hydrotherapy is that the body and mind relax and prepare differently for massage therapies or facials. The relaxation action is increased by first using the hydrotherapy bath. In the water the body floats and therefore the joints rest, the motor massage of the jets stimulates the muscles to relax. The warmth of the water causes the blood pressure to increase

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