Eyebrow Micropigmentation

$200.00 USD

Price per session. It includes the design of the eyebrows.

The face must be sculpted by an artist, so only trust the  professionals. Have your eyebrows done at the Maison.

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The eyebrows are the frame of the face and now you can wear them in a spectacular way. Rely only on our talented and experienced team for this process.

Micropigmentation is not the same as eyebrow tattooing. The big difference is that the eyebrow tattoo is a straight and continuous line that makes it obvious that the eyebrow is not natural, while the eyebrow micropigmentation is done with a ‘pencil‘ that penetrates the most superficial layer of your skin painting hair by hair with gentle movements. The effect will disappear between 8 and 12 months after having performed the procedure. This is great since fashion and your tastes change too.