Club Le Maison Spa Estetica & Wellness Center Reservation, Return, Refund, and Cancellation Policy

1- La Maison does not make refunds or reimbursements and no exceptions apply.

All our treatments are booked with a minimum deposit of 500/0 of the value of the service to be performed.
This pre-paid deposit reserves a specific date and time and from the moment the reservation is issued these spaces are no longer sold and the therapists will be reserved to attend you.

3-You will be able to reschedule and change dates and times FREE OF CHARGE only once and up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.

4-In case of changes (day or time) and rescheduling ONE DAY BEFORE your scheduled appointment, there will be a charge of 10,000 colones per person and must be deposited to the company’s accounts before the day of the scheduled appointment in order to move it to a new date and time.
In case of not making the payment and the transfer the day before the appointment, the same cannot be transferred later and in this case the deposit is forfeited.

5- In case of making a second or more changes or rescheduling a scheduled appointment, each change and new reservation will have a cost of 10,000 colones per person.

6- You must be at your appointment at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time since we have a check in process. In the check in process your reservation information will be validated and you must present your identification.
Our services start on time and in case of not being at the time of your appointment, your service will not be provided and you will lose the deposit previously paid.

7- In case of no-show on the day and time scheduled for your appointment, you will lose the deposit previously paid.

8- All communications of cancellations, changes and rescheduling to your already scheduled appointments must be ONLY in writing to Whats app reservations 8425-2000. All reservation conversations are quality tracked and must be in writing, therefore NO changes or rescheduling via phone call or email.

9- All reservations or deposits paid have a maximum validity time to be used of 1 YEAR from the date of payment. After this period the services cannot be used and no exceptions apply.

10-In the facilities only the entrance is allowed with previous reservation and it is not allowed the permanence of companions without reservation.